How We Help

ALN is singularly focused on helping physician practices remain in control of their destiny. We provide key parts of the business infrastructure for independent medical groups.

We are part billing company, part EMR firm, part hosting provider, part data analysts, and part strategy consultants. It is our ability to custom configure these parts in the unique way needed by each of our clients that allows us to help them achieve their long range objectives.


We provide an outsourced solution that integrates full-service revenue cycle management with EMR services and hosting. The scope of our solution is big enough to allow us to solve many interrelated problems that historically are fractured between different departments and/or vendors.

Because of the scope of our solution, not only are we clearly accountable for performance, but we are also helping our clients migrate toward what will be required of them in the value-based reimbursement world of the future.

Client Profiles

Our clients are an incredibly diverse lot, covering many specialties and spreading from coast to coast. They vary in size and temperament. Their strategies for the future could not be more different.

But this they have in common: They are committed to controlling their own destiny and they are at the plate, taking their cuts trying to make stuff happen.

We are pleased to share brief summaries of a few of their stories.


Much of the value that we provide to our clients comes in the form of expertise and guidance in areas that are related to our core revenue cycle management and EMR/hosting services. We are happy to share here some of the resources that we provide to our clients on a regular basis.