Tinkering Begets Tinkering

Some reading about the challenges that surface when exchange plans eliminate specialty hospitals (e.g. the local Children’s hospital) and thus disrupt care for chronically ill patients reminded me of a recent project at our house.


Get Your Mind Right

News flash…They cancelled the Marcus Welby TV show. No, really, it is off the air.

As healthcare gets blown up and reconstructed, that version of independent medicine is gone and it isn’t coming back. If you are reading here in hopes of finding some magic potion that can lead back to the good old days, you will be disappointed. Besides, if READ MORE »

Yes, I am Myopic

I am not anti-big health system. I am not universally opposed to physicians becoming employed by big health systems. Sometimes, that is the best alternative.

But I am a big believer in the value of the independent physician practice.


Winners and Losers

The rules of healthcare are changing and changing more dramatically than some people are ready to admit.

Industries go through change all the time, most of which is incremental. But sometimes the changes are so deep and so fundamental that what comes out the backside is very, very different. Or gone completely.



We’ve been on a little break. OK, an 18 month break.

If you missed us, thank you. I’ve not been off eating bon bons, but as you might guess, our clients have been more than a little busy trying to fight the alligators in the healthcare swamp. The good news is that being so immersed on the ground has provided some READ MORE »


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