A $100 Billion Here, A $100 Billion There

Most of us are not Steven Hawking.

Call me Captain Obvious.

Our ability to comprehend really large numbers is very limited, but in healthcare, we toss around big numbers as if they were give-away pens at a trade show booth.


The One-Time Implementation Myth

Industry is full of stories about companies that leveraged information technology to achieve a competitive advantage. Skip the pure IT companies for a minute because that is too obvious. Ignore Apple, Google, eTrade and Amazon for a minute.


Bright Lights in Dark Places

Recently, Castlight Health had its initial public offering.

If you have not heard of Castlight, spend a few minutes on their website. Castlight is led by some successful healthcare veterans that know the lay of the land. They were backed financially by some heavy hitters, funds who got a lot of money by being right more often than they were wrong. READ MORE »


On a long drive recently, my wife and I listened to an interview with Malcom Gladwell talking about his most recent book, ‘David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants.’


Exclusive Clubs

A long time ago, the HMO experiment on the left coast seemed quaint and one more piece of evidence that people in California were, well, different than the rest of us. Terms like ‘gate-keeper’ and ‘closed panel’ drifted east, eliciting puzzlement and more than a little scoffing.


Gored Oxen

I don’t know how it came to be that oxen get gored as often as they do. I have never seen the goring of an ox, but the word picture is clear enough for me to get that is probably a real mess. And not a good day for the ox.


Punching Back

In an earlier post (here), we outlined how the cost of physician care can go up when a practice is purchased by a hospital system. Long have we wondered when Washington would stand up and challenge this concept. Once again, it is proven that looking to Washington to take the lead is often a bad idea.


Monday Morning Quarterbacking

This is the second Monday post in recent weeks that pokes a bit at our friends at CMS. I promise that I don’t spend my entire weekends thinking about those folks. Sometimes, things just happen. And yes, I need a hobby or two.


Too Hard

Every time I read these numbers, my head hurts.

The MGMA says as many as 65% of practices don’t appeal denied claims because it is too much of a hassle. The AMA says this and other creaky billing practices cost the average doc almost $15,000 a year in lost revenue.


Jumping Garden Hoses

When my younger brother was about four years old, his great athletic feat was to back up about twenty yards, come running full speed across the yard, and leap over the garden hose. Mind you, it was not stretched between two trees to create a high jump or even a hurdle. It was laying in the grass. Like, really flat.



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