A Pivot


I have a conundrum.  Today is the 8th, so I am officially outside the socially acceptable window of a certain annual greeting, but as this is our first post of the year, it feels rude to not to say it.  Oh, the burdens of political correctness. 

What the heck…Happy New Year.  There, I feel better now.

The holidays always provide time for reflection and this year that included thinking about the little blog thing I’ve been doing for almost five years now.  In that time, I’ve written a smidge over 700 posts and 300,000 words.  That is about the same as in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead (311,596 words) and within striking distance of The Brother’s Karamazov (364,153 words), Dostoyevsky’s tome that I’ve been slogging through for months now. I tend to sip a whiskey and sit in a comfy chair when I read, so maybe that is why I get sleepy.

Verbosity, not transcendent impact, is what I have in common with Fyodor and Ayn.

As I thought about how I continue to make this exercise valuable to you in 2019, and by the way, I am honored that you make reading along some part of your rhythm, I concluded that the right answer is to dial back the frequency of my posts to around once a week and compliment the blog with some other writing.

I’ll confess, the demands of writing three times a week are getting a little heavy.  As I write this from a local coffee shop, a writer for ESPN who I regularly read is sitting a couple of tables over working on his post for tomorrow (today he wrote 167 words).  But that is his whole job. My ALN team has these unreasonable demands about me doing my ‘day job.’  Apparently thinking big thoughts and making lame connections between my kids, a movie, or some obscure historical fact and a healthcare issue is NOT why I get to keep hanging around here.  They actually expect me to do a little work.  Unreasonable, aren’t they?

But, as I talk to our clients and others in the industry, it is clear that we’re nowhere close to anything resembling stability.  If anything, we’re moving from garden variety change to a time of full-blown disruption.  The challenges in front in independent physicians are not getting easier anytime soon.

Therefore, I want to take part of my writing time and focus it on some deeper explorations of particular issues and risks coming at physician practices.  We do not yet know what form this will take, but it likely will look sort of like topical whitepapers that help frame up an issue in ways that will, hopefully, help the leadership team of a practice work through the big strategic decisions that confront them.  We’ll work on a couple of them this spring, throw them to you, and you can be the judge of whether we’ve added any value.

So, thanks again for being with us.  Let’s see what the year brings.


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Tim Coan, ALN’s CEO, writes an insightful and witty blog once a week about a variety of topics relevant to independent physician practices.

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