Filling the White Space

Everything Is Connected

The business complexity facing your practice has exploded. Functions that were once relatively distinct are now completely interdependent. Here are just a few examples.

  • Your billing is now completely dependent on technology. Online eligibility verification, pre-submission claim edits, automated status checking, and online patient payment portals are just a few things that did not exist a few years ago that today are ‘must have’ technologies.
  • Your EMR is now getting data from everywhere: your front desk, outside providers such as lab and imaging, and even patients themselves.
  • Your need for reporting and analysis that combines clinical and financial data grows more sophisticated every day, and you have no idea what information you’ll need tomorrow.
  • Federal mandates such as PQRS and Meaningful Use (the ‘acronyms’) require sophisticated reporting capabilities and directly impact your revenue. They have a material financial impact and require a significant level of effort.
  • Your IT infrastructure must accommodate remote access while at the same time providing ever higher levels of data security. Remote, mobile, wireless and ‘bring your own device’ are just some of your challenges.
  • Commissioned-based auditors seem to lurk around every corner, raising your risks, and cost, of compliance.

More than Technology

There is no doubt that this requires new and sophisticated information technology solutions. You have now been in the middle of this for several years.

But the implementation of your EMR is only the beginning. You have already invested a lot and more is on the horizon. Fortunately, the tools are getting better every day.

However, they are complicated and too often fail to deliver as promised. It is clear that technology alone will not solve the problem. How it comes together with your people and how work gets done is what matters.

People in the White Spaces

With the new technologies, it takes smart people sitting in the white spaces, connecting all of the parts, to create true value for your practice.

This is what makes ALN unique. Yes, we use all of the technology that you can imagine. We have plenty of hardware and software folks helping our clients. But it is our business people, working with you in the white spaces to connect it all, who drive results.

If technologies alone are not solving your problems, if you’ve put in software and the only winner seems to be your vendor, we’d like to talk about how we can help.