Working at ALN


ALN exists for a very simple reason:

  • We are working to build a company where passionate people, working together, can do great things for our clients. US healthcare needs strong and healthy independent physician practices. We are here to help them.

What Is Critical

Where our Vision outlines what we are trying to do, it is our culture that is what will get us there. At ALN, we have a set of shared beliefs about what is important. Yes, we have smart, talented, hard-working people at ALN. But more important, we have a group of people that are personally committed to a set of ideals that unite us.

    • Guts and Courage: Our clients are navigating turbulent times; consequently, much of the work we do for them involves charting new paths. We do not always follow well-worn paths. So we are looking for people with the guts and courage to jump in and figure it out.
    • A Team Mindset: Lots of organizations list teamwork or something like it as a value, but for us, it goes to another level. Because we deliver a solution that integrates multiple parts into a single whole for our clients, we have to have people who connect with others, who share information, who communicate often, who value the whole more than their individual part.
    • Smarts and Learning: Healthcare is changing fast and the situation of every one of our clients is unique. Everyone has to bring their brain to their work; no one can mindlessly ‘follow the process.’ Figuring it out for our clients requires that everyone at ALN be thinking all the time about how to do it better.
    • Work-Life Balance: Our people bring a high level of energy and commitment to their work, but work is only part of life. We give people as much flexibility as possible to balance their work with whatever is happening in the rest of their life at the time. To make this work, it requires people who fully embrace the implications of this idea.

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