Founded in 2000, ALN serves mid-sized physician practices of up to 100 providers in multiple clinical specialties all across the country. The company is headquartered in Colorado and has operations centers in Nebraska, Oklahoma and California.

Why ALN?

Many companies want to help you build a stronger practice. So what makes ALN different?

Focus on independence. We believe in the importance of independent physicians and have geared our strategy and solution specifically for these practices. Click here to read more about why ALN is committed to independent physicians.

Business expertise. We’re process people who have helped hundreds of organizations improve their performance. Our secret? Best practices, applied consistently, enabled with technology, informed by data and managed jointly with our clients.

Healthcare experience. Our roster includes people with years of operational and strategic healthcare experience. Navigating this world comes naturally to us. It is in our DNA.

Right-sized. We’re big enough to be a strategic partner to some pretty good sized practices, but small enough to gear our solution to your business strategy. We have scale, but know the idea that ‘one size fits all’ is convenient for the vendor, but not a true client-oriented mindset.

Relentless spirit. We love our independence as much as you do and understand your desire to retain it. So we’ll get behind your goals right away and do our absolute best to help you reach them.