Ten Months of June

In a 1948 Popeye the Sailor short, his string bean girlfriend, Olive Oyl wonders aloud why there are no women running for president.  The spinach gulping muscle man shoots off his politically incorrect mouth (a term that had no meaning in 1948 unless it was coming from Joseph McCarthy), gets smacked upside the head with a frying pan that produces a CTE injury and an vision of Olive laying out her campaign platform via the song ‘If I Were President.’  In case you get on Jeopardy and get a question about mid-20th century cartoons, the whole thing was something of a remake of a similar bit by Betty Boop.

As I kid, I most remember the promise in the song that ice cream cones would only cost a cent, but she also said there’d be ten months of June every year to allow for long honeymoons.  Hey, dream big.

Which is about what I am going to do in the coming weeks.  Dream big.

You know that I’ve been critical of Obamacare and am not a supporter of a single payer system.  Who knows yet about the Republican plan, so I’ll reserve judgment.  It is easy to be a critic.

And over the 500+ posts I’ve done with this little gig, I have endorsed certain ideas here and there, but always with the luxury of commenting in isolation. That is easy.

Recently, a long-time reader and good friend sent me an email and said something to the effect of, ‘OK, Mr. Blogger, if you don’t like this plan or that plan, what would you do?’

Why’d he do that?

Well, if I were President, I’d go to the big inaugural party, have a rowdy bunch over to the White House for one heck of a slumber party that would get me immediately fired, but then I’d get a nice pension and some tough Secret Service guys who’d help me get dinner reservations the rest of my life. 

But that was not his question.

Because it is summer and things are slow, I am going to take a stab at outlining some ideas and principles that would drive my plan. Be warned, this will not be a coherent and complete policy position that we can send over to be scored by the CBO.  There is no secret think tank here with me, no actuaries to run numbers.  As you already know, there is not even a real grown-up involved in this blog, so lower your expectations.  Lower.  Lower.

If this totally blows up, and there is a very high probability that will happen, I’ll  post my friend’s name and email and you all can just bombard him for provoking such a stupid idea.

OK, we’ll start next week.  Might be a good time for you to take a sabbatical from reading.

With the gravity of the diabetes issue, starting with Olive’s cheap ice cream promise might not be the best idea, huh?


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