Do We Have a Winner?

As a recovering change management consultant (Yes, people used to pay me to tell them change is hard), I have always been fascinated by the role of language in the change process.

Our collective beliefs and understanding of the world around us gets codified in certain words. We use those words, people know what we mean, and everyone gets in line READ MORE »

Hogan’s First Law

The head of my graduate program was a brilliant, if slightly narcissistic, guy. His lectures were great because there was always a little theater thrown in with the explanation of regression analysis.

His best points were given the eponymous name of ‘Hogan’s Law.’ We lost track of how many laws Dr. Hogan established over the years, but Hogan’s First Law has READ MORE »

Bragging About Rising Tides

I recently read market update from a stock broker who was giddy with excitement that Janet Yellen, the new chair of the Fed, announced that the central bank would not raise interest rates anytime soon. Giddy stock brokers are like puppies bouncing around.

A full discussion of the effects of monetary policy on the US stock market is beyond the reach READ MORE »

Remembering the Electoral College Lesson

It is not that I am worried that you woke up this morning and suddenly forgot about the Electoral College, but I needed a catchy headline so I could wrap up this post and it was the first thing that came to mind. But, since we are here…


Healthy Discontent

I recently had dinner with a group of physicians whose practice is not a client of ours, but I wish it were.

They are a single specialty group, far and away the largest in their market. They have invested in ancillary services and are realizing good revenue from those. They have invested in information technology and are working to truly embrace READ MORE »

Monopoly Pricing

Our family likes to play board games. A current favorite is ‘Settlers of Catan,’ one of those games where you gather resources to build roads, villages and cities on your way to total world domination. Or at least, domination of the island of Catan.



It was a big step when this kid from a small rural town walked into the gleaming sky scrapper, the one outlined in green neon that gets shown in the aerial shot of Dallas every time the Cowboys play on TV. I had just been hired by a big time consulting firm. I got to tell my mom that I READ MORE »

Big Fat Data Dump

So Medicare decided to make public a giant data set that shows what it paid physicians in 2012.

Most media stories focused on the handful of fraudulent docs that flat cheated, some of which are already in jail. I guess that was a good distraction and hopefully the general media interest will fade away from this story quickly. I am sure READ MORE »

Double Dipping

It is Friday and time for a little refresher.

How would you like this little scenario?

You head out for a nice dinner with a friend. The bill comes and it is $80, about what you expected. Then you notice that there is additional charge of $120 for something called ‘kitchen rental.’ Now your bill is $200, not at all what you READ MORE »

Shift Workers

Recently I bumped into a friend who is a general surgeon. He had been at the hospital, rounding on a patient he had operated on the day before.

‘Doesn’t your hospital use hospitalists?’ I asked. ‘Why are you up early doing rounds?’

They did, but this was a particularly complex patient and he wanted to check on the man directly. Plus, his READ MORE »


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