As you might have figure out, I love to tell stories. My kids might roll their eyes and say, ‘Long stories.’

One of my favorite stories is about the sign in the old print shop that read:

‘Fast, Accurate, Cheap – Pick Any Two’


Competing with Nike

Have you seen those little wristband things that people are wearing now days? Things that talk to the phone in the person’s pocket, telling them how many steps they took today, or how many hours they slept, or how many antioxidants escaped from their left ear?


Disrupted Referral Patterns

When we talk with independent physicians that are contemplating employment with a hospital system, there are usually a few different driving considerations. One of the top concerns for specialists is the loss of their referrals from primary care providers now employed by the system who will refer almost exclusively to specialists employed by that same system.


I am Getting Worried

Over the past few months, I have had countless conversations with our clients, our prospects, and people that I wish were our prospects but they just need to come around to embracing that idea. A new worry is forming in my mind, one that I believe will take multiple blog posts over time to flesh out. But enough has emerged READ MORE »

Confused Reality

We are back to the future in so many ways with our v2.0 healthcare revolution. Keep an eye out for Doc Emmet Brown and his flying DeLorean.


Upon Further Review

Clearly, one of the joys I have in posting these daily musings is hearing back from folks who are reading along. I am honored that you give me two minutes of your day to read my ramblings. When you take two more to say something back, I am honored beyond words.


Your Integration is My Conflict of Interest

You know the mantra of the integrated delivery system and their employment of physicians…

‘This way we can integrate care, improve outcomes, lower costs, and maybe save the baby seals.’

Except that costs go up, not down.


Medicaid Level Set

Many private practices take no new Medicaid patients. As such, Medicaid can be out of sight and out of mind. Here are a few facts to update your walking around knowledge of that other CMS program.


A $100 Billion Here, A $100 Billion There

Most of us are not Steven Hawking.

Call me Captain Obvious.

Our ability to comprehend really large numbers is very limited, but in healthcare, we toss around big numbers as if they were give-away pens at a trade show booth.


The One-Time Implementation Myth

Industry is full of stories about companies that leveraged information technology to achieve a competitive advantage. Skip the pure IT companies for a minute because that is too obvious. Ignore Apple, Google, eTrade and Amazon for a minute.



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