Exclusive Clubs

A long time ago, the HMO experiment on the left coast seemed quaint and one more piece of evidence that people in California were, well, different than the rest of us. Terms like ‘gate-keeper’ and ‘closed panel’ drifted east, eliciting puzzlement and more than a little scoffing.


Gored Oxen

I don’t know how it came to be that oxen get gored as often as they do. I have never seen the goring of an ox, but the word picture is clear enough for me to get that is probably a real mess. And not a good day for the ox.


Punching Back

In an earlier post (here), we outlined how the cost of physician care can go up when a practice is purchased by a hospital system. Long have we wondered when Washington would stand up and challenge this concept. Once again, it is proven that looking to Washington to take the lead is often a bad idea.


Monday Morning Quarterbacking

This is the second Monday post in recent weeks that pokes a bit at our friends at CMS. I promise that I don’t spend my entire weekends thinking about those folks. Sometimes, things just happen. And yes, I need a hobby or two.


Too Hard

Every time I read these numbers, my head hurts.

The MGMA says as many as 65% of practices don’t appeal denied claims because it is too much of a hassle. The AMA says this and other creaky billing practices cost the average doc almost $15,000 a year in lost revenue.


Jumping Garden Hoses

When my younger brother was about four years old, his great athletic feat was to back up about twenty yards, come running full speed across the yard, and leap over the garden hose. Mind you, it was not stretched between two trees to create a high jump or even a hurdle. It was laying in the grass. Like, really flat.


The Stimulus Package that Worked

Good news. There are construction cranes around my hometown of Denver. Turns out these gangly creatures that temporarily puncture the skyline are popping up in other cities as well.


Is it True Love or Stalking?

We are on a forced, double time march toward ‘population health management,’ the new holy grail of the healthcare industry. If you are still walking around thinking you are cool by saying ‘big data’ in every other sentence to impress people, you are passé and so 2013. Improve your cocktail party standing by dropping some PHM references everywhere. READ MORE »

Take Your Banker to Lunch

No, really. I mean it. And make it a nice lunch because you are going to have to ask for a big favor.

ICD10 is rolling down the track and gathering speed. CMS has continued to affirm that there will not be another delay and at this point, we should take them at their word.


Electronic Relationship

Part of the value of having ‘my’ physician is that ‘my’ physician knows me.

Yes, there is a big fat paper chart to help jog her memory, but it was her specific knowledge of me and my health issues that made me want to always go to ‘my’ physician.



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