Campbell’s Law

A few posts ago, I shared ‘Hogan’s First Law’ (CHRIS, LINK TO THIS) from my graduate school professor. Here is another and I am starting to feel like Moses, conveying all of these laws.


Word Count

When I sit down to write these blog posts, I try to be very mindful of the word count, something my wife and employees would tell you is a totally new discipline me, one they would like to see me exercise in the rest of my life. I so appreciate your taking the time to read along and I want READ MORE »

Just Here to Help

Our mission in healthcare is to heal the sick. Usually, we presume that to mean individual people, but in the first quarter, it turns out that it was helping heal the US economy.


Guest Post

I thought I’d try something different and let you have someone else’s perspective this morning. Since Doug is a client, I agreed to give him 50% of your subscription fee for today.


Free Confusion

There are few things a politician likes more than giving away free stuff, assuming we are not counting large donors. If they can claim that what they are giving away is also some great societal good, then that is a home run. They get reelected and make the world a better place, all in one fell swoop.


23 Microns

I remember the first time I used a double blade razor. As I pulled it down my cheek, all I could think of was that little graphic in the commercial, the one where the first blade pulled the whisker down and then the second one whacked it off right at the skin.


Grandma’s Gall Bladder

This post was going to be titled ‘The Corrosive Effect of Subsidies,’ but that sounds far more sophisticated and academic than you know the writings in this space to be. Besides, you have to admit that you are more curious to read something about Grandma’s gall bladder, aren’t you?


Bank of You

Practicing medicine these days is hard enough. What is really hard is doing so while running a not-for-profit consumer finance operation at the same time. If I had known you would give me a 0% loan with no payment terms, I would have come to you for my mortgage.


Sperry Top Siders

Fashion trends seem to always come back around. So I had to smile when our teenage son asked for a pair of Sperry Top Siders. There was a day when I, too, wanted those boat shoes because even this country boy wanted to be preppy in the 80s. Lord, were we silly.

Another fashion item is back as well.

I read the READ MORE »

Important Differences

Hospitals and physicians get lumped together all the time. We comprise the bulk of what are known as ‘providers.’

Reminds me of the old saying, ‘Pick your friends well because you are stuck with your family.’

Just kidding.

While we do have much in common with our big box friends, there are many key differences. Here is one to keep in mind: two-thirds READ MORE »


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